Farm Project Consultancy Services

  • Techno-economic feasibility studies & potential surveys for farm investments
  • Credit Project preparation/formulation-formulation of new bankable investment projects like plantation, horticulture, animal husbandry/live stock, fisheries, organic farming, micro irrigation, drip & sprinkler irrigation, watershed management, village pond development, agro-processing and other farm and non-farm activities,
  • Project Appraisal,
  • Rehabilitation package for sick units,
  • Debt Restructuring or loan rescheduling proposal for sick units,
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Studies-to undertake the outsourcing of project monitoring and supervision of banking institutions on a fee based arrangement,
  • Modernization, Expansion and Diversification Proposals/ Projects,
  • to act as a ‘Certified Valuer’ of Agricultural lands.

Credit project formation and appraisal is the main area of operation of ‘Farm Project Consultancy Services Department’ of the F-TCS Kerala. These project reports are mainly for getting loan from nationalized and other financial institutions. The location specific project formulation required by local bodies, state and central government agencies, other financing institutions and NGOs, to seek financial assistance and grants; will also be  provided by F-TCS Kerala.

The Finance Minister of India on 19 June 2004 (vide, DO letter No.3-54/2004.AC), has wrote to all Chief Ministers of States that one of the main tasks required to be under taken at State, District and lower levels to double the flow of agricultural credit in three years are, ‘to provide assistance for formulation of new bankable investment projects like; plantation, horticulture, fisheries, organic farming, agro-processing and other agricultural activities in the jurisdiction of each rural and semi-urban branch of commercial banks’.
The RBI report of the ‘Expert group on investment Credit’, has listed out major factors constraining growth and deployment of investment credit.
The Study Group is of the view that for increasing the flow of investment credit, strategy has to be location specific in tune with weather conditions and resource endowments in different regions, instead of a single, uniform strategy. The region/location specific strategy should be supported by adoption of ‘project approach’ entailing identification and formulation of area based investment projects. Agriclinics and local agricultural universities could be of use in identification and formulation of projects.
The Group is also of the view that, the sharing the pool of available technical expertise by Banks is desirable at the time of need. In the post –VRS situation, maintaining specialized and technical personnel in each branch may not be financially viable. Hence the group feels that retired bank officials and technical personnel could be involved on a voluntary basis in project formulation and credit plan preparation particularly, in backward districts, as is done in Kerala under Peoples’ Campaign program.
The Group is of the view that NABARD, through its District offices and in consultation with the District Consultative Committees, should build up a pool of the expertise, which can be accessed by banks as and when required. All rural branches of banks may not possess the technical expertise to evaluate and appraise different types of projects in agriculture. In that case there will be a need for outsourcing such expertise.
In the foregoing the F-TCS Kerala under its Project Consultancy Services envisages that
the farmers/ individuals/ agri-preneurs, needs to contact district level Senior Consultant or the Chief Project Consultant Trivandrum office of F-TCS Kerala, for Project Reports. The Sr. Consultant at district level will send a data sheet to F-TCS, in prescribed format duly filled up, on visiting the farm. This in turn will enable F-TCS for the formulation of bankable projects as required by the clients.
The services of F-TCS Kerala is also provided to all other clients covering banks, government agencies, non-governmental agencies and for which they have to contact direct to the head office of F-TCS Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram. The F-TCS Kerala will under take the services other than project formulation and appraisal; viz., preparation of project proposals for the rehabilitation of sick units, modernization/ expansion/diversification of existing units of agri-preneurs, Monitoring and Evaluation studies of projects financed by Banks and other institutions.
We will also under take the project formulation and appraisal, project monitoring and evaluation studies of various national and international organizations on mutually agreed terms. The F-TCS Kerala will also initiate action to work in association with such consultancy organizations on empanelling with Consultancy Development Center (CDC, DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India).
The F-TCS Kerala will have a pool of well experienced and qualified farm professionals, empanelled as Consultants to take up all agricultural and allied activities from project ideas to turn-key implementation.